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is back in giants fever. orange and black, it's spreading all across the bay area. local businesses, you better believe they are gearing up. they cannot wait to reap some of the profits from all of those fans. the giants have been warming up for today's game against st. louis here at&t park. team members are happy for the home field advantage, and that all-born boost from those fans. local bars and restaurants like the polo grounds are gearing up for hungry and thirsty fans. they say they need the business to survive financially this time of year. and don't forget all about the gear. giants hats, t-shirts, hot sellers these days. the team says it's all about believing in yourself and victory. >> you know, i think it's one of those things that we knew, we believed in ourselves and we knew we could do it. but at the same time we knew it would be very hard. we had to take it, as cleat shea goes, one game at a time. we really did. >> the difference will be who can play together, who can stick the closest and who is the better team, not just on the field, but who is the best group of guys. i
storm watch goes up on monday as the cold front pushes through. monday morning here locally. so it will arrive just in time to mess up the morning commute. here's a look at the system. it's being held back from a ridge of high pressure. with it cold air, breezy conditions. but today it will be mild. we will see the sunshine and we will enjoy a nice day from north to south. numbers in the 40s it start in the sierra nevada. 64 later on with 74 in yosemite. we will be looking at the snow to start by midday monday. and about a foot. snow. the sierra crest, circumstance inches possible about 6,000 feet. of course, this may in packet i-80 and u.s. 50. if you have travel plans, keep that in mine. 72 in the city. nice afternoon through fremont, 73. more sunshine as you head toward livermore at 75. 63 at our coast. numbers really not far from the average. a pleasant afternoon and down by the monterey bay lots of clouds right now. a little fog around and 66 in monterey. and later on this afternoon over into the east bay, stanford today noontime 65 versus cal. notice by 3:00 we are at 70 d
. both 408 and 669 will be considered local. >> we have been talk ago lot about the giants but the 49ers are also making an impact both on and off the field. our reporter reports on the 49ers academy and how it's making a difference for bay area kids. >> the talent. >> this is the news, 49ers style put on by the children in the media center paid for by gerald rice and steve young. >> this is the question, do teachers have lives? >> high-tech studio is one part of the 49ers academy. a public middle school supported by a nonprofit partnership with the 49ers football team. the idea is to make sure that students in low income east palo alto get the same opportunities at kids in wealthier area. >> most of our students fall below the poverty level. sometimes we serve students that are homeless, that are in foster care. >> the 49s are academy fills in the gaps with extended school day, extracurricular activities, counseling, free afterschool programs and caring adults that don't give up. >>history in the making. >> test scores have gone up each of the years. students told us the academy is like
today's flight schedule after canceling dozens of flights yesterday. also ahead. >> local businesses are feeling the pinch of record-high gas prices. will they pass that cost on to you? [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. i moved to new york to work in fashion. i came here with just a suitcase, maybe two. and luckily i found an apartment just three blocks away from t.j.maxx, which was perfect because i needed everything and i still needed to make rent. t.j.maxx is such a great place cause i know when i go in there i'm gonna score. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashio
the seahawks. kira klapper is in san francisco with news of a local lady who will take center stage before the game. >> reporter: good morning. huge game tonight. big night for fremont native jewels hampton singing the national anthem tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the country singer was cast as a top 10 finalist on nashville star season four hosted bye-bye know that judd in 2006. she has -- performed or the giants, a's and sharks this is her first time singing for the 9ers. she spoke with abc7 news about how excited and honored she. >> it feels amazing. i love -- i love sports, i love the 9ers and i love to sing it is great way to marry all of those interests into one. >> reporter: she kicks off all the fun at the game tonight. there's a lot of fun to be had before that including right here on abc7 news at 11 a.m. and the rest of the day. safe to say, keep your tv on the channel that it is on now. kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> that's good advice everyday about where to keep your dial. our coverage of the 49ers vs. seahawks begins 4:00 pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. th
this month owners will be notified and scheduled for repairs by local dealers. >>> good news at the gas bump. fuel price report says gas has -- gas pump, fuel price report says gas has dropped nationally regular $3.75, in california $4.47. in san francisco, $4.51 on average. analysts say demand is dropping and supply increasing. that is why the prices are coming down. >>> 6:10 u.s. about families come together, the change they are getting ready to demand today following that deadly explosion in 2010. >>> new poll released this morning showing how tight the presidential race is. >>> welcome back. scattered showers through wednesday. while tell you how much rain to expect and how much snow in the sierra and full forecast coming up in four minutes. >>> winter weather is hitting washington state this morning. crews responded last night to clear roads in snoqualmie pass up to five inches of snow already on the ground. sleet is also a problem. despite plows hitting the road drivers are being warned that conditions remain dangerous this morning. >>> sonoma county whom side detectives are hoping som
examining the wreckage found a second body last night. local pilots believe the plane came from a private airstrip called funny farm airport the aircraft was an experimental plan which is registered to a company in nevada. >>> south bay first responders work together again today to practice how they would respond to a major emergency , dealing with a mock rave party. local students and other volunteers play the role of victims. the drills resemble what happened inside the cow palace in daly city two years ago. those skills are applicable to after quakes or other disasters. >>> traffic and weather together, next on the 1/2. live look out now san francisco -- next on the abc7 morning news. live look out now. orange is because -- giants world series starts tonight. mike will have the full forecast. traffic as well. >>> campaign in california. the -- [ inaudible ] . >>> los altos hills some of the heavier rain heading there over the next few minutes 280 near page mill road. fremont as we cross over to dumbarton bridge down towards milpitas seeing some of the better rain as you are coming out
in a little bit. >>> a local celebrity chef is part of san francisco general hospital's chronic diseases. it looked like a cooking show yesterday. jonathan bloom has the story. >> add to that some chopped celery. >> she's been featured in movies, tv and magazines. but today chef tracy is cooking before a live audience at a hospital. >> put the scallions in there. >> the toughest question in her restaurant may be which wine to pair with dinner, the crowd here is look for answers to a different dilemma. >> how do you eat healthy with only a little bit of money and gas five dollars and you have so many other priorities for the survival of life. >> that's why san francisco general hospital brought in a celebrity chef and pulled away the ribbon on this newly donated demonstration kitchen because now every thursday afternoon the hospital will open its doors to the community and turn it's attention from treating diseases to preventing them. >> diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease. the list goes on and on and these are diseases that in large part can be prevented with a
has local, as well as national issues that everyone should be concerned about, according to this woman, the executive collector of -- executive director of oakland rising. >> we want to make sure people are clear about what is going to be on the ballot and make sure they feel motivated and clear about getting out to vote. >> i'm a local republican volunteer. >> while democrats are walking the districts in oakland, democrats are walking those in contra costa counties. in walnut creek, volunteers are on the phone making sure the republicans know the issues, candidates and get out to vote. the chair of the california republican party said republicans have been energized by the presidential debates. >> i don't know if it was just the debates or the fact it is the last month of election, but we have had a surge sense the first debate. >> becky, the chair of the contra costa republican party, says the phone banks are the tip of the get-out-to-vote effort to vote effort in the county. >> the last two weeks we've walked permanent absentee republican voters and now we are walking walk-in voters
as well even local tourist shops, they will be charged people shopping there will be charged extra money. one group called save the plastic bag says it is not a nice way to welcome visitors by charging a bag fee. city leaders say the goal is to get -- eliminate plastic bag use. if you forget your bags stores will have either paper or compostable plastic. again it will cost you 10 cents each. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents, hopefully it is not too big of a deal for them. >> reporter: some say it could add up over time. five years ago san francisco led the nation by banning plastic bags at major have markets and pharmacies. today it joins 49 other cities by levying this bag fee. next year the -- ordinance will get stricter when restaurants and bakeries will be included in the ban. sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> new this morning, 84-year-old woman being investigated for possible drunk driving after her car hit a head near the uc berkeley campus last night. a man in his 20s was hit in the crosswalk. reportedly in critical condition this morning. the driver was arrested on dui charges.
way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. >>> moraga teenager has gained thousands of supporters as he fights to become an eagle scout after being turned down for the rank because he's gay. he spent years earning badges and completed his final project. the boy scouts recently found out that ryan is gay. a scouting executive released a statement saying he does not meet scouting's membership standard on sexual orientation. a family friend is disappointed. >> to not get it based on a technicality that had nothing to do with his progress, and his path to get to this point, yes it is frustrating. >> ryan's mom is trying to convince the boy scouts to change the anti-gay policy through a petition. the family plans to tell their story next week. >>> developing news we've been covering all morning. american airlines cancelling dozens of flights today, including one in the bay area. the flight from sfo to miami scheduled to takeoff at 6:40, was among those cancelled. american told us it was due to a problem with loose seats. the airline has taken 44 flights nationwide out of service all in
with a mall to use the opportunity to find work. local employers will conduct on site job interviews and provide career information to candidates who are 16 to 21 years old. >>> the california public utilities commission is blaming pg&e mismanagement for its rejection of a plan to have ratepayers foot most of the bill for fixing its pipelines. pg&e said it's customers should pay 90% of the cost. the puc plans to cut it to 36%. pg&e shareholders would also pay for any cost overruns. but a rate payer advocacy group claims the fine print on the deal would still have customers paying more than half the cost of the overhaul which stems from the deadly pipeline explosion from destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. in a statement, pg&e said it was disappointed in the decision and added its plan was designed to be as economal as possible >> the transformation of the old doyle drive into the new presidio parkway is entering its final and second phase, and this time without a full closer. the work is centered near the palace of fine arts. abc7 news transportation reporter heathe
mitchell to settle talks. the cities of san bruno, san francisco and local consumer group say the puc chose mitchell without input from anyone involved except pg&e. the sides have not been able to reach agreement on how much the utilities should pay in fines. >>> funeral will take place for former lt. governor who died sunday at the age of 86. today's funeral will take place in the los angeles area. governor brown, attorney general kamala harris and other state leaders are expected to attend. >>> san francisco is a finalist who host the super bowl in 2016 or 17. the pitch is to play at the new 9er stadium in santa clara most of the big events that week would take place in san francisco. nfl owners will award the super bowl to either san francisco or south florida. the loser of that contest will go up against houston for the 2017 super bowl. owners will pick host cities next may. abc 7 will carry the 49ers game against seattle, live tomorrow. here is our thursday line-up: 4:00 hourlong pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. game time 5:00. 9ers host seahawks. followed by special
at the local transit agency after she was kicked off a city bus because of her son's sticky diaper. she was on the way to the doctor with her 1-year-old when the driver ordered the two off the bus. the driver says her son's smelly diaper was bettering other riders. nicole filed a complain with the agency. transit agency sided with the driver saying he was looking out for other passengers too. that is a tough, tough issue. >> yeah. tough call. >>> still ahead, fall ott from growing scandal in the east bay. -- port of oakland officials under fire after submitting ing spence reports including a bill from a houston strip club. >>> giants need to pull out three miracle wins, starting tonight if they want to keep world series hopes alive. >> reporter: major bridge closure that will affect bay area drive there's weekend. i'll tell you what you need to know, after the break. >> this is the bay bridge metering lights jut turned on now backing past the overcrossing. we'll be talking the bay bridge closure and your alternates when we come back after the break. >>> it is friday october 19th. gorgeo
of the atlantic city boardwalk is floating down a local street. we have a live look of atlantic city, knowledge more than 5500 people have lost power -- president obama has sign add emergency declaration for the state of the new jersey this is kill devil hills, lots of rain, offshore ship in distress the crew has abandoned it. the coast guard has rescued 14 of the 16 onboard two are missing the coast guard is searching for them now. in banner elk, north carolina it is snowing. all of this weather and it is only the beginning of the superstorm. >> it is a tough storm to get people to pay attention because it is four tidals, one last night, today, tonight the most serious concern and another tomorrow. >> i got a cave-in of concrete under this house soon to have more because it is cracked, two more tides before the eye passes this area. >> reporter: take a look at this amateur video onboard a disney crews ship friday the man behind the camera said the ship tilted so far right that furniture moved across his room. in new york, schools closed, subways shutdown, stock market closed, evacuation orders
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15